Estate Planning And Maximization

Estate Maximization Seminars

It is Kubler Financial’s responsibility to our clients to help ensure that they and their families are always equipped with the correct estate planning and maximization information, mindset and strategy. The thoughts and ability to have a “whole picture” perspective, to be equipped to ask the right questions and protect their estate’s worth as law allows. A person should and will be able to know that their estate maximization strategy is solid.

shutterstock_41364319I encourage you to attend one of our free Estate Maximization seminar forums held in various parts of Southern California. The idea is to create an opportunity for us to provide examples and share about how you can, not just get the estate planning process right, but also how you can maximize your estate in every way. The forum events are held in private rooms at comfortable restaurants. Hor d’oeuvres and drinks are served within a very relaxed and informal “no pressure” environment. The purpose is strictly for you to receive useful, high quality information. 

The anatomy of “Five Dimensions For Maximizing Your Estate” will be presented and discussed with all of the questions you’ll have answered for you. From time to time we’ll have guest speakers but NO SELLING of any sort is ever allowed. Too many people of wealth have little to no personal knowledge of the estate planning process or how to safeguard against its historical failures; a big mistake of their part. This forum event is entirely for you and presented at a level that will help you make decisions that will offer serious positive effects and results. It will more be than well worth your time and effort to attend. 

Our approach and practices model is the difference between an estate plan that is destined to fail and one that is built with a strategy that will maximize your estate and help prevent devastation due to millions of dollars of unnecessary taxation, IRS disputes, probate court costs, other legal expenses and fees, family conflicts and breakups, other serious factors contributing to succession failures, etc. 

If you care about how your assets are handled and directed, you really want to attend our Estate Maximization & Planning seminar forum.

You can contact, phone or Email for an invitation to the next seminar forum event near where you live. We’re very easy to reach and speak with and look forward to sharing more about our company and estate maximization with you. kubler-111cc (1)

You really can keep it in your family…


Jon Kubler

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P.S. The time you spend with me will be rewarded by ideas and perspectives that will help enable your family to preserve its wealth long into the future. It’s your wealth. You earned it and you deserve to keep it in your family!


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