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5 Things You Need To Know About Estate Planning Before Hiring Or Firing An Attorney

My Pledge And Promise To You

Our company’s experience and skillset have delivered results to and earned the respect of company owners, CEO’s, professional athletes, farm and ranch owners, authors, entrepreneurs, entertainers, other high income professionals and public figures. And they all have one important thing in common – they each benefit greatly from the expertise and protection they desire and deserve. Kubler Financial clients acknowledge that our ideas and efforts have led to many millions of dollars of wealth security and will sustain its succession through multiple generations.

As the founder of Kubler Financial, I’ve devoted over twenty-five years and my entire company to protect wealth and family by identifying and resolving oversights and other inexcusable problems that plague most estate plans which high net-worth individuals possess today. We currently maximize and plan the personal and corporate bottom lines for many clients who enjoy various forms of income generation streams, while also creating other new opportunities for risk elimination and preservation of assets for their families’ long term wealth. That is what Estate Maximization and Planning is and what it (and we) would do for you too…

Jon Kubler

Founder, Kubler Financial

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We currently deliver estate maximization and planning results to company owners, CEO’s, professional athletes, farm and ranch owners, authors, entrepreneurs, entertainers and other high income professionals and public figures.

Kubler Financial - Your Estate Maximization and Planning Company

6 Reasons Why You Need Estate Maximization

  • The Five Ways To Maximize and Plan Your Estate are vitally important as a sound financial strategy and estate planning should not just begin and end with the assets themselves.
  • To maximize an estate, the business side, finances and other assets requires the origination and execution of a solid financial strategy for your estate plan.
  • The human element dimension of estate maximization and planning which involves anticipating future behavior of the heirs you determined.
  • Succession planning which begins with your desire that the wealth survives for the long term; meaning through numerous generations.
  • Preparing heirs to become capable and have goals that match yours is vital for succession planning to succeed as well as help preserve your legacy.
  • Philanthropic desires because wealthy people are some of the most generous in the world, not just with their money but often with their time too.

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Join Families Already Benefiting From Kubler Financial

  • Absolutely all objectives are met and more. This all has to do with a client family’s life.

    "My industry changes month to month; Jon and his company exceed expectations, and more, on an ongoing basis.

    "There are a million different scenarios involved and I could spend an entire day describing them. Delivery, reliability and dependability are always there and they always follow up on all things.

    "On a scale of 1-10, I give Jon and Kubler Financial a ’12’. I would, and have recommended them. Not only do they maximize our assets, they minimize taxes, educate us and get us the right lawyers when necessary. When he says, “maximization”, it’s true. He even helps educate our kids.

    "You need to be able to trust to generate money and wealth. Without trustworthiness you can’t do it.

    "Our relationship is built on trust.
    Mike R.Former NFL Star
  • Yes, our objectives are always met. We put lots of trust in Jon. He’s been great.

    “Our overall experience is always very good. They all work together real good in the company and take great care of us. 

    “The word we would use to describe our experience is “Fantastic.” There was a time when he came to our house at 1PM and worked with us until 11PM. We’re farmers, start work early and another time he came to our house at 5AM. 

    “We both give Jon and his company an immediate 10.

    “He will address almost anything for us. He’s willing to answer and will come up with a solution for whatever needs to be done and is willing to help at any time.
    Morelle and Wiltrude T.Farm Owners
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