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How To Better Protect Your Wealth And Family

As the founder of Kubler Financial, I’ve devoted over twenty-five years and my entire company to protect wealth and family by identifying and resolving oversights and other inexcusable problems that plague most estate plans which high net-worth individuals possess today. We currently protect the personal and corporate bottom lines for many clients who enjoy various forms of income generation streams, while also creating other new opportunities for risk elimination and preservation of assets for their families’ long term wealth. That is what Estate Maximization and Planning is and what it (and we) would do for you too…

Protect Wealth And FamilyIt’s a relatively well kept secret that the estate planning industry is seriously flawed from a desired results standpoint. Kubler Financial is the foremost results leader for estate maximization and planning with a proven record of strategizing and legally protecting wealth for its client community and for their families by developing a “big picture” view; utilizing appropriate financial instruments and taking advantage of other overlooked and under-utilized tools and approaches.

Our company’s experience and skillset have delivered results to and earned the respect of company owners, CEO’s, professional athletes, farm and ranch owners, authors, entrepreneurs, entertainers, other high income professionals and public figures. And they all have one important thing in common – they each benefit greatly from the expertise and protection they desire and deserve. Kubler Financial clients acknowledge that our ideas and efforts have led to many millions of dollars of wealth security and will sustain its succession through multiple generations.

Kubler Financial is best suited for families and individuals who hold $10,000,000 and over of accumulated personal net-worth (all assets). Part of the reason for that is due to the $5.49 Million (2017) exemption a husband and wife each receive from estate taxes. But estate taxes are only a portion of what is to be considered. Poorly conceived (95%) estate strategies also encourage staggering amounts of attorney, probate court and other legal fees, family disputes and breakups, companies and other assets needing to be sold or disbursed in other undesirable ways, and more.

Thanks to years of experience and critical thinking, Kubler Financial understands fully the common mistakes that render nearly all estate plans vulnerable. Our clients understand that most other estate planning firms only know, so only practice the same boilerplate approach; an incomplete “wills and trusts” model for every situation. Kubler Financial demonstrates that truly effective strategies do exist and delivers the additional success components necessary for the asset bases of clients…

No two estates are remotely similar. To establish a successful estate maximization plan, a well conceived and fully customized approach must be outlined. This is why and where transformative strategy development begins for every Kubler Financial client.

Having been acknowledged as a distinctive authority in the field of estate planning and strategizing, we’ve developed “The Five Dimensions For Estate Maximization”; a high level summary of the five areas that should serve as a blueprint for all high net-worth individuals and their families.

We can easily see overlooked opportunities, hidden assets (tangible and intangible) and underperforming areas of an estate that most others don’t seem to recognize. The depth and breadth of empirical experience has further facilitated sound judgment, communication and collaboration abilities. These are all vitally essential traits necessary to establish, lead and effectively contribute to each client’s situation. And they are the prime abilities required to add new life and a strategic vision to any wealth that is likely to be vulnerable.

Our approach and practices model is the difference between an estate plan which is destined to fail and one that is built with a strategy that will prevent devastation due to millions of dollars of unnecessary taxation, IRS disputes, probate court costs, other legal expenses and fees, family conflicts and breakups, other serious factors contributing to succession failures, etc. And that is only part of what Estate Maximization and Planning is and what it will do for you and for your family too.

To expand the bottom line value of your estate and control where your assets go, you need an Estate Maximization Plan.

I’m easy to reach and speak with and look forward to sharing more about our company and Estate Maximization and Planning with you. 

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